Purchasing a house is nothing short of a massive effort that can be overwhelming and frustrating if you are not prepared. How can you actually be prepared for unexpected issues with your new forever home? By obtaining inspections!! Yes, there are significant benefits of obtaining an inspection when buying a home, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Yes, you may have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort looking at the home with your real estate agent. And, you may have double-checked everything that came to mind to verify that the house was in order, and owning your new home would be smooth sailing. However, as non-experts in real estate, there can be hidden defects or problems that we’re simply not trained to identify.

That is why seeking a professional inspector is critical, both financially and to avoid the stress of owning a “money pit” house. This is when a home inspector comes in handy.

Buying A Home

Here are some of the major points about the importance of inspection when buying a home. An inspection will help you understand how identifying issues before you buy the house can save you time and frustration once the house is yours. Thus, it is always advisable to seek expert service while purchasing your dream home.

So, why are inspections so important when buying a home?

Learn about your condition, inside and out.

A qualified home inspector will check the property’s interior and exterior to locate any potential problem areas and provide you with a detailed report with their findings and recommendations.

Get an independent and competent evaluation of the structural integrity.

Let’s say you’re found a home that you absolutely love, but there are structural flaws hidden from the naked eye. A home inspector will access the foundation (usually through a basement or crawlspace) and search for any potential problems. Moreover, the inspector will provide you with an unbiased opinion of the home’s structural components, such as the plumbing, ventilation, mechanical and electrical systems, and so on. If your inspection report reveals any major issues that impact the desirability of the house, you can always negotiate with the seller for a price reduction or for the seller to make the necessary repairs.

An inspection report will be beneficial in the future.

By hiring a licensed inspector, critical components of your new home will be inspected, giving you peace of mind that your house will not turn into a money pit. That is why inspections are so important when buying a home, whether it’s your first purchase or your fifth purchase.

If necessary, try to get an estimate for future replacements or repairs.

The home inspector will perform a complete inspection of the property’s exterior and interior, which will also help you understand the ongoing maintenance costs. For example, if you have an old air conditioning unit that is prone to breaking down or is at the end of its useful life, you can factor ongoing maintenance into your budget or you can plan head to replace the faulty unit. This is one of many reasons why a house inspection is can be helpful in the long run.

Wait, what about the things underneath the house?

Inspections are even more important when it comes to things underneath your home.

Sewer scope inspections provide more than just peace of mind. They also save money on maintenance and repairs. Sewer scope inspections are typically not included in the price of a general inspection and can add an additional $200-300 to your inspection costs, however, these inspections are well worth the money.

During a sewer inspection, a qualified professional will run a small camera (a scope) through your sewer line to search for any failures in the line. Failures can occur from the passage of time or from external forces, such as tree roots. If you have a large tree anywhere near your property, it is highly advisable that you obtain a sewer inspection ASAP to make sure none of the tree roots have intruded your sewer line and caused a leak.

This is even more important for houses built before the 1970’s because these older houses were built with clay pipes, which are especially prone to failures and degradation over time. Also, just because your water seems to be draining fine in the house, it does not mean that your sewer line under the ground is completely intact. Without a sewer scope, a general inspection limits the information you will receive regarding the condition of the house and could create financial problems and stress down the road if/when you discover a sewer problem after buying your new home.

Is sewer scope actually necessary?

Absolutely! Sewer scopes are crucial not just because they can help you discovery line failures before you buy a new house, but also because if there is a problem, you can quickly obtain a repair quote before you buy the house. Repairs could be relatively inexpensive, or they could cost more than the down payment on your house. Because sewer line repairs can be large or small, being equipped with the knowledge that you have a problem is critical – once you know there is a problem, you can explore making the repairs or you can back out of the deal and find a home that is in better condition. As a home buyer, you absolutely must know the condition of your sewer line before buying any house. Doing otherwise would be risky!

Compared to the expense of expensive repairs, a sewer scope is hands down worth every penny.

Let’s conclude the discussion!

The majority of home buyers are not real estate experts or licensed inspectors, which is why getting an inspection for a new home purchase is critical. After all, for most people, their home is by far their biggest financial expenditure. If that’s the case, why not protect your investment and spend a few hundred bucks on an inspection? People often save a bunch of money to buy a home on their own. That is why you must spend some time to ensure that the property you are purchasing is a good investment.

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