Sell your home for cash: Easy, Efficient and Economical Indy (Indianapolis), Indiana

What does it mean to sell your home for cash? It isn’t a potential buyer carrying big bags of cold, hard money. Instead it is a buyer that has the necessary funds to purchase your house right now, at this moment. Typically this is a buyer that will take whatever is beyond the doorway, no extra steps made by you. Why is selling your home for cash the right move for you? Divorce, moving due to a job or just low on funds. Those are a few reasons a quick home sale is the right choice. A home for cash deal is becoming more and more common as well. Why is that? Selling a home for cash is easy, efficient and economically beneficial to the homeowner.

The ease of the sale is due to the buyer you deal with. Everyone knows when listing your house for sale on the market, you have a limited amount of time. New deals show up daily, prices get dropped and other areas become more desirable. A house on the market can quickly get stale and have no traction after a short listing time. An on market house also fields offers from buyers that may have trouble with financing and the deal doesn’t pan out. A house typically is on the market for 3-6 months. There are of course many homes that stay on the market for years without getting any serious offers too. Cash offer buyers don’t require you to do any of the hassle that goes hand in hand with putting a house on the market. One way to look at it is cutting out all the tedious steps that come with selling a home. Your buyer is looking at an “as is” condition. You aren’t expected to make last minute repairs to your home. There is no need to start cleaning and staging for people to roam around during the many scheduled open houses. A cash offer buyer isn’t one that typically requires any wooing. You simply skip over all those awkward, unnecessary hurdles and get to the big question of how much?

Sell my home quickly because divorce or job relocation, Indy

With a major lifestyle change, whether it is a separation from your partner or a new job promotion that requires a move, you want to move things along quickly. Putting a home for sale and dealing with the paperwork involved takes time. There are days wasted over small details like who is paying the closing costs? Some people simply don’t have the time to give or strictly just don’t want to waste it. The average time estimated to close a purchased loan for a home is 54 days. With doing a home for cash deal you are looking at getting out of your home in ten to fourteen days. Over half a year vs a week and a half is a substantial difference in time.

Let’s face it, the appraisal can really slow down all forward momentum when it comes to the sale. A lender could decide they are not willing to finance the sale based on the appraisal. The buyer could feel it is time to start negotiating costs over a low appraisal rate. A cash sale removes both the appraisal and mortgage lender from the process. With this elimination, there aren’t months of waiting for both parties to sign paperwork and finally close. A cash offer moves things right along so both parties can sign on the dotted line immediately.

If you have ever purchased a home or sold one, you know the inspection is a crucial part of the process. What comes back on the inspection takes both the seller and buyer back to the drawing boards. Repairs are then tossed around in negotiations. What can you live with and what can’t you? It gets expensive when you start talking about new roofs, HVAC systems, water heaters or electrical work. The sale can be affected depending on the inspection and what each party feels they are entitled to. A lot of home sellers don’t want to make changes to a house they are leaving. Finding a cash offer buyer means no inspection, no repairs, just an “as is” condition. With an “as is” condition you also get to skip the constant back and forth with the real estate agent and the buyer over who is doing what. There is no wasting time hashing out small, pointless details.

Easiest way to sell house fast for cash in Indy

A lot of work goes into selling your home. Finding a real estate agent, cleaning, repairs, negotiations and closing costs are just some of the few things a homeowner is expected to do. Leaving your home is stressful enough, you don’t want to add a difficult sale process on top of this. Taking a cash offer can greatly reduce your stress and turn out to be the wiser decision in the long haul. Did you know that all cash deals now make up 36% of the market?