What is a distressed house?

Is your home on the brink of foreclosure? You may have a distressed property on your hands and not even know it! A distressed home could be a property that is in poor condition, under foreclosure, or owned by a mortgage lender or bank. It also may be owned by a government agency due to a repossession or tax lien. If you are interested in selling your distressed home across the greater Indianapolis, IN area, Heritage Capital is here to help.

Reasons Your Property May Be Distressed

Some of the following reasons might be the catalyst that pushes a home into being a distressed property:

  • Divorce
  • Death of a parent or family member
  • Lengthy legal battle
  • Hoarder home
  • Condemned home
  • Might just be old
  • Liens

Good News about Distressed Properties in Indianapolis, IN

Distressed properties can make great fixer-upper homes for the right individuals. If you currently own a home that is in significant need of repair, now is a great time to sell the property. Even if you have a foundation issue, Heritage Capital has you covered! We purchase homes in as-is condition, no matter what underlying issues the property may have. Our purchase practice is quick and hassle-free, you’ll be amazed at how quick the process is, leaving you with cash in your pocket.

Finding out how much your distressed home is worth can be a time-consuming process. At Heritage Capital, we can speed along the task with ease, saving you both time and money. We will evaluate the home and offer fair market rates. Working with customers across Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, our team is fully capable of ensuring you get the most money for the sale of your distressed property!

Sell your house for cash without closing costs in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas