Sell My Distressed House Indy

How to sell a distressed property Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you facing foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, falling behind on mortgage payments, distressed during liquidation due to a divorce, etc? There are multiple reasons a property can quickly change to being a distressed one. When you want to sell a property fast, and preferably for cash, it can seem daunting. Selling a distressed home in Indianapolis, IN can actually be simple for a fair price. Here are a few helpful hints on how to sell a distressed property in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Save money when selling a distressed home in Indianapolis, IN

I am selling a distressed property in Illinois, do I need a real estate agent? Not necessarily. Listing a property for sale can actually be quite expensive and it doesn’t guarantee the property won’t be on the market for years. Do-it-yourself, cutting out the agent, works better for a distressed property in Indianapolis in the long run. You are in charge of the sale and won’t be responsible for agent or auctioneer fees. By selling your home directly to a buyer like Heritage Capital, you avoid a longer closing date and worrying about commissioner fees.

Find a professional buyer in Indianapolis, IN

What kind of buyer do I want in my home? You want a buyer that is serious about the sale, going to follow through and keeps the process quick. Look for professional investors and buyers that are financially able to handle the purchase. Typically financing isn’t an option when selling a distressed property in Indianapolis. You need a cash offer buyer that has the financial backing to keep things rolling. Why is a cash offer better for a distressed property in Indy? With a cash offer investor like Heritage Capital, you are cutting out the middlemen. You aren’t required to show the house, stage it, pay for closing costs, etc. A cash buyer is the fastest option for selling your distressed home.

Make my distressed property in Indianapolis, IN sale ready

If your home is in need of major repairs or undergoing foreclosure, odds are it isn’t very pretty. You don’t want to fall into a bottomless pit of making repair after repair. There is no guarantee that you won’t find a major problem during your repair process either. So how do you spruce up the place to get a good price without losing out on a ton of money? You can sell your distressed property to direct buyers like Heritage Capital and skip all the repairs together. Another option is to do a base cleaning to make it visually appealing. Start with small, necessary repairs rather than major problems. If you think your property is ready to be sold, call today at (317) 751-7011.