Are you looking to sell your home in the greater Indianapolis, IN region? Maybe you’ve seen the recent news regarding increased real estate prices and are interested in selling your home during this hot, in-demand market. Now is a great time to sell your property, it’s true. However, there is a lot that goes into selling your home that most homeowners don’t think of when they decide to sell. Heritage Capital will break it down for you and offer suggestions to speed up the process.

Skip the hassle when selling your house Indianapolis, IN

Is your property in good condition, or is it in need of repairs in order to get it sold? Home repairs and renovations can get expensive depending on the issue. Sometimes small repair jobs become large-scale projects due to unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps your property is in decent shape and not in need of any updates in order to get it sold. However, you still have to get it staged and invest in photos that showcase the property in its best shape. Decluttering your home can be an extremely overwhelming process to tackle yourself, but hiring a home stager may not be in your budget.

Avoid the long home sale process by getting a cash offer

By the time your house is in a satisfactory condition to list, you still have to meet with a real estate agent and agree on a price that suits you and makes sense in the current market. Showings will then need to be scheduled, or a dreaded open house that displaces you from your home for hours at a time. By the time someone makes an offer, you’ve about had it! But the process is nowhere near over. Now you have to agree on a price and most likely have a home inspection and appraisal if the buyer is using conventional financing.

Selling house ‘As-Is’ in Indianapolis, IN

The home selling process is just that, a process. There are many points along the way where things could go wrong; a repair takes too long, a potential buyer backs out, or the home inspection finds a major issue. To eliminate the time, stress, and added costs, consider selling your house in ‘as-is’ condition. Reach out to the team at Heritage Capital to thoroughly evaluate your property and offer a quick, fair cash offer based on current real estate trends across Indianapolis, IN. It’s as easy as that! We will simplify the home selling process for you, guaranteed.