Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask us, along with our answers. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and address all of your concerns.

Q. Will you list my house on the MLS or actually buy it?
A: We are not realtors and we do not list homes on the MLS. As professional home buyers, we buy houses in Indianapolis directly, provided that they match our purchasing criteria. We may repair, resell, or use your house as a rental property.
Q: Do you pay fair prices for homes?
A: Many of the homes we buy are below market value because they need some TLC and we expect to resell them at a profit. So, we look to purchase properties a fair and reasonable discount based on current market conditions. We understand that most sellers do not expect a massive payday, but appreciate an all-cash offer, quick closure of the deal, and a hassle-free experience. Another great thing about selling to us is that you need not spend time, money, and effort to repair or upgrade the property. You need not pay realtor fees as well. You can certainly appreciate the benefits of selling your house to us. We always offer a fair win-win price, and there’s no obligation to move forward with the cash offer.
Q: How do you determine the offer price for a house?
A: We work on a transparent model when it comes to calculating the offer price. Our process is simple and straightforward. We consider factors such as the location of the property, its current condition, repairs required, and the values of similar properties that recently sold in the area. We look at these factors to calculate a fair price for the place, ensuring that it works for us and you.
Q: Are there broker or realtor commissions or fees to work with you?
A: We operate very differently from the traditional selling route. We are not brokers or realtors, so you need not worry about paying commissions or fees when you sell your home to us. We make a fast and fair offer and close the deal quickly if it works for you. Once we buy the property, we pay for repairs and sell it for a profit or use the property as a rental. The risk is ours as we are responsible for selling or renting the house. You can simply sell and walk away with cash without worrying about the property ever again.
Q: How do you differ from a real estate agent?
A: Real estate agents list homes and wait for the offers to come, generally from homebuyers seeking a primary residence. They show the properties to potential buyers, and the sale may take a few months to close. Once done, the agent will charge a percentage of the sale price as their commission. Typically, they take 3-6% of the sale price as commission. The selling model works if you can wait 6-12 months, don’t’ mind paying closing costs and don’t mind paying 3-6% commission from. As a direct buyer, we are a bit differrent. We do not list homes but buy them, and we pay with cash. You can expect a buying decision and a fair cash offer on the same day. We take the risk by buying the house for cash, repairing it, and reselling or renting it later.
Q: Is there any obligation when I share my information?
A: We have a no-obligation service, so you can share your information without second thoughts. Once you connect with us and share a few details, we have a look at things, call you for a little more information, and make a fair cash offer right away. After that, the decision is totally yours whether you want to take it or leave it. We let you decide without any stress or high pressure tactics.

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