Looking to sell your house in the greater Indianapolis, IN area and not sure where to start? The home selling process can seem daunting, especially nowadays. Making sure you get a fair price for your home sounds like there is a ton of work involved, from professionally staging your home to getting formal photos taken. In reality, there are some easy things to do to maximize the price of your home that will not break the bank.

Tips on maximizing your home sale price in Indianapolis, IN

  • Be upfront in your listing about your situation. If you are planning to sell your home in ‘as-is’ condition, be sure to include that in your listing. This will inform potential buyers that you do not plan to make any repairs to the house before they purchase it.
  • Not every home needs to be professionally staged, but you should work to de-clutter your property for open houses or showings. Remove all personal photos and mementos, so folks touring your home can envision their own photos and knick-knacks through the house. If your living space is cluttered with extra furniture, clear it out. This will make the space feel bigger and will appeal to potential buyers.
  • Once the house is staged, you can take high-quality photos with your own smartphone camera instead of paying a professional photographer hundreds of dollars. It helps to stand on a ladder in the corners of your rooms to highlight the spaces. They will appear even larger once unnecessary furniture is removed!

Sell your distressed home fast for cash in Indianapolis, IN

Following these easy tips can assist with getting the most for the sale of your house. Don’t hesitate, now is a great time to sell your home in the Indianapolis Region! While it can seem like a huge undertaking when you’re first getting started, it doesn’t have to be to get a fair price for your home based on the current real estate market.