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We are a team of passionate real estate professionals looking to help Indy homeowners steer clear of the hassles of selling homes the traditional way.

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About Heritage Capital

For years, Indiana homeowners have struggled to sell their homes in the traditional way. Listing your property, waiting anxiously for the buyers to show up, and closing the formalities can take ages. It can be a hassle for sellers struggling with foreclosure or other unique challenges. We recognize these challenges and created a viable solution for sellers who don’t want to do it the conventional way.

We offer win-win solutions for homeowners to get out of the problems like foreclosure, probate, or even owning an unwanted property. Our aim is to provide fast and easy solutions that address the most daunting issues.

Heritage Capital is a family-owned real estate investment company that focuses on Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we always go the extra mile to help homeowners sell their homes quickly and without hassles.

How We Serve Homeowners

If you have any queries about how we operate, what process we follow for selling a house. or how we can help you avoid foreclosure, or simply want to know more about us… you can connect with us right away.


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